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Nutrition has become fashionable. And as is often the case with trends, the essence of what was there originally is sometimes lost or distorted. This is why Fernando Aparicio, a psycho-neuro-immunologist, naturopath, and nutritionist, decided that he needed to completely reinvent his brand and value proposition.

Starting point

Fernando had already been working in the field of integrative health for about twenty years when he reached out to us. What he had observed was that his professional environment had gradually turned into an elitist sectorwhere health was becoming a luxury. Additionally, he felt that the brand image he had at that time no longer represented or differentiatedhim, and, among other things, he wanted to steer clear of the pomp and chauvinism that some of his competitors had adopted. So the first thing we did was deconstructing the brand image of the most personal part of the brand, his own name. We decided that the right way was going back to the basics, to the core of the brand. And to convey this, why we chose a mono type, for its functionality and simplicity, and we consciously went for a free one, because one of Fernando's highest values of his therapeutic practice is sustainability.

Now it was time to work on the naming. Fernando didn't want his actual name and surname to be the star of the show, he preferred them to remain in the background. He emphasized that he resonated a lot with the spirit of punk, in the sense that he saw health as a basic necessity that could and should be accessible to all, not just a few. He wanted to rebel against this elitism and believed it needed to be reclaimed by the people. At the same time, he wanted to go against the increasingly widespread trend of treating everything with dozens of expensive supplements when, in many cases, there are much more ecological and sustainable alternatives. He wanted to call for a return to nature and the use of the most basic resources. That's how we decided not to hide his punk soul but to put it at the forefront."

It was also crucial to work on the brand's tone and voice, as it was one of the elements where he felt less represented and where he most needed to find his place and differentiate himself from the rest.

The result

A brand that becomes the voice of a professional with many years of experience and without fear of saying what many do not want to hear. Clear, direct, and concise communication that allowed both the patients he was already treating and the new ones who arrived to get to know him better and understand his proposal more deeply, making the benefits of being treated by him more evident. As a result, the new patients who now come to his clinic are much more aligned from the beginning with his values and his method.


Fernando Aparicio

I would have never thought that I could build a brand of this quality before working with Algobueno. I felt very supported in the process of exploration and decision-making until I could bring to light exactly what I wanted to convey to my clients, what represents me.


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